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Theoretical foundations advancing basic science and patient-focused applications


Dahari Lab specializes in the study of viral infection dynamics, antiviral treatment responses, and vaccine efficacy. Our scientific inquiry focuses on hepatitis viruses—HCV, HBV, HDV, and HEV—integrating experimental and clinical research with theoretical modeling. We aim to deepen the understanding of viral transmission and inform public health strategies.

Featured Publications


Presentation: Modeling HDV Kinetics in the Era of Novel Antivirals.
Dr. Dahari 

[JAN 2024]

PLOSS headshot

Dr. Alex Ploss, Princeton, visits LUC for seminar: Modeling human hepatitis virus infections in vivo.

[DEC 2023]

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Advancements to Optimize DAA Treatment in HCV Patients

Interview with Harel Dahari & Ohad Etzion

Dr. Dahari



Q: What is the next big challenge in Hepatitis research?

A: I see the immediate challenge divided into two areas. 

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