HBV Translational Research: Solving Complex Problems Through a Multidisciplinary Approach

"Dahari Lab is committed to the WHO goal of global viral hepatitis elimination"

Despite an effective vaccine, hepatitis B virus (HBV) remains a growing health concern and burden on systems. Hundreds of millions globally are infected. The virus in adults will typically be an acute infection but for children and infants, the rate of HBV as a chronic infection can be as high as 90%. This presents a serious health issue for the patient and strains healthcare resources. Additionally, HBV carries are at risk of co-infection with hepatitis D which is more aggressive in its attack on the liver. Previous research was limited by lack of in vitro cultures and small animal models to study both the infection and treatment. Now we are able to observe the HBV lifecycle and treatment response in cell cultures as well as mice. This will lead to a better understanding of the virus at the molecular level and is critical to developing more effective treatment strategies. Mathematical modelling has played a key role in filling previous clinical gaps and will deepen our understanding as the research evolves. The goal is to map and understand the detailed molecular biological processes that regulate HBV infection. In Dahari Lab we work with a cross disciplinary team of virologists, animal modeling experts, computational scientists, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies, we aim to better understand the virus-host interplay, the mode of actions of current and new antivirals, and treatment strategies. All of this is possible with more sophisticated models and is key to achieving a cure.






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