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Nobel Prize related Research
Ultrashort HCV
Promising Results fo Transplant Recipients

HCV research with Dr. Charles Rice, 2020 Nobel Prize recipient.


Our (2004-2007) HCV research with Dr. Charles Rice, 2020 Nobel Prize recipient contributed to the following translational research which deepened knowledge of the HCV-host dynamic on the molecular level and during acute infection in chimpanzees.

  • Hepatitis C virus kinetics and host responses associated with disease and outcome of infection in chimpanzees (2004

  • Mathematical modeling of primary hepatitis C infection: noncytolytic clearance and early blockage of virion production (2005

  • Mathematical modeling of subgenomic hepatitis C virus replication in Huh-7 cells. (2007)

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Large Scale RGT Clinical Trial Preview

October 2020

Success in real-time patient therapy to be tested in larger HCV treatment clinical trial with Israeli research partners. Significant implications for healthcare cost, duration of treatment and patient-care. Harel Dahari's recent work was acknowledge at a conference in South Korea.

Publication; Press Release; Conference


Ultrashort HCV Time-to-Cure Results

May 2020

Proof-of-concept HCV study yields promising results for a 4-week ultra-short, response-guided therapy treatment. Retrospective modeling of viral kinetics underscores the potential usefulness of a personalized modeling-based RGT approach to shorten the duration of treatment.



Promising Results for Transplant Recipients

May 2020

Therapy combination prevents HCV infection in organ transplant recipient. Anti-viral treatment optimization results in milestone achievement in collaboration with Canadian cohort. For the patient, this results in cheaper, safer treatments, and removes the added risk of HCV while in post-transplant recovery [AASLD]. This comes at a time when HCV infection and mortality rates in younger populations are on the rise due to the ongoing opioid crisis [CDC].

Publication; Press ReleaseComment

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HBV/HDV Research Advancement

May 2020

Mathematical modeling leads to new insights in HBV/HDV research with biopharma firm Replicor. Defining Mode of Action helped unlock promising new therapy in development for HBV treatment as well as in patients coinfected with HDV.

Publication; Replicor Press Release

Large Scale RGT Clinical Trial Preview
HBV/HDV Research Advancement
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