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About Us

In Dahari lab, Division of Hepatology, we conduct research at the intersection of experimental, clinical and theoretical biology with an emphasis on viral infection dynamics and treatment response with a particular focus on hepatitis viruses such as HCV, HEV, HBV and HDV. We apply our interdisciplinary approach across both in vitro and in vivo experimental systems as well as population and patient clinical data with the aim to find and optimize interventions and therapeutics that may ultimately prevent and/or cure these infections. Our collaborators perform viral infection experiments in cell cultures and small animal models that provide the basis for developing mathematical models at a molecular level. We also collaborate closely with public health researchers in Chicago and clinicians in our Division of Hepatology as well as many other clinicians in the United States and abroad who provide kinetic data from patients during infection and treatment. Our data-driven modeling approach helps provide new insights into the dynamics of viral-host-drug interactions during infection and treatment from the molecular to the population level.

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