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Resurrection of response-guided therapy for sofosbuvir combination therapies

J Hepatology

September 2016

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In conclusion, the important findings of Maasoumy et al, suggest a resurrection of the response guided therapy (RGT) approach in difficult to treat genotype 3 patients treated with Sofosbuvir plus + ribavirin and indicate that Roche CobasTaqMan v2.0 (CTM) may be the most suitable quantification assay to explore further RGT and viral dynamics approaches to optimize sustained-virological response (SVR) and cost. The study by Maasoumy et al. provides further evidence that cases with detectable viremia at end of treatment (termed here EOT+/SVR), are identified by Abbott RealTime HCV (ART) and that EOT+ does not equal treatment failure in the direct-acting antiviral (DAA) era.

Dahari H, Halfon P, Cotler SJ

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